Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most simple casino card games that are available on the market. If you are capable of counting to 21 and establishing a couple of basic Blackjack rules, then you can begin playing as soon as you wish. That's mainly the reason why it's so popular nowadays. If the Blackjack rules seem clear to you than you can look into the strategies available in order to increase the probability of winning and gain more experience with the game.

The Blackjack rules have small changes in comparison to the game you play and where you play, either online or in real-life, it makes a difference.

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Goal of the Game

The goal of any blackjack game is to reach 21 or the highest amount without getting more that 21 or more that the dealer. The amount of players at the table doesn't make a difference at all, due to the fact that you are competing against the dealer as opposed to the players.


Upon each bet being played by the players of the table, the dealer carries on and hands out the cards face up to all the players beginning with the person sitting to the left, leaving one of his cards face down.

Once again the one that's sitting to the left of the dealer begins the game and makes a decision of hitting and standing. A part for other tables and cards dealt, which also have a choice of surrendering, doubling and splitting. Everyone has a possibility of busting by asking for more cards before the total reaches more than 21. After the players do as they like, the dealer takes a turn.

Rules of the Dealer

When we compare the possibilities of the dealer and the possibilities of the players, we can clearly see that the dealer is somewhat restricted.

If the dealer has a hand of 17 points, doesn't have much choice a part from standing

If there is 16 or less in the hand of the dealer then he must hit or receive another card.


Just in case you forgot the blackjack rules state that it's a game that's played against the dealer, so keeping track of other people's cards is not mandatory.

The person with a hand of 21 or less is the winner, if more, then he is not considered to be the winner.

In the case of a bust the house is the automatic winner, and the dealers bust is not even taken into consideration.

In the case of a dealers bust, the automatic winner will be you, no matter how many points you have on hand.

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