Blackjack games are made all the more entertaining because you can raise your bets during your hand whenever you really think you might win. So, when given the chance to make sure bets, you need to take full advantage of them since they could get rid of the casino edge.

Double Down

One way to raise your bet would be through a double down. As its name implies, a double down means you can double your bet on chances of you winning. It is only possible to do this after seeing your first cards, though, so it isn't possible to hit and double down. Within a lot of casinos, it is possible to double down on a lower bet, while others will let you do so with any cards, but others will only allow it during splits. There is only one catch, though: you can only take a single card more.

The majority of players tend to choose to double down on cards that total 10 or 11 because the odds are great of the following card being a 10, for a high hand in the end. The odds of getting a card of 10 are high since they usually come out quite frequently.

If you wish to choose this option, just slide a second bet next to the first bet on your betting circle. Never place your bet on the top of that first bet since the dealer will think you're cheating. If you eventually win, you will get paid out even money twice and get double your initial bet. If you end up losing, however, both of your bets will be taken away. If a push occurs, you can keep both of your bets.


Another way to raise your first bet would be called splitting. Whenever you get a pair with the exact same value, you can match your first bet and get two separate hands by splitting your cards. Every card will then become the very first card on an individual hand, while holding a bet that only applies to its attached hand. Split hands get played by getting an extra card each and following the same route of standing and hitting.

To split your hand, just place the exact same bet on the side of your first bet. You can sometimes split four times. However, the rules about the amount of times of splitting might differ from one casino to the next, as well. Splitting Aces, for example, is seen as special, so you can only get one more card for each Ace. Getting a blackjack for such a split will also only pay out 1:1 since it isn't a real blackjack per se.