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A game of blackjack can be enjoyed with 1-8 decks. The numbered cards in deck are worth just as much as they state to be, the face cards are all valued at 10 points, and Aces have a value of 1 or 11 points based on your choice. Blackjack - which consists of and ace and any 10 point cards - is considered to be the highest hand of cards that you can get at online casinos just as in the real-life tables.

Blackjack in the real-life and online casinos are usually paid 3 to 2. In the case of a coincidence of the player and the dealer both getting a Blackjack hand, the bet is considered to be a push. A part from Blackjack the winning hand will benefit the equal amount of money bet. If you are interested in strategies, have a look here.

From the Beginning to the End

The game begins with all players placing bets in the circle or logo in front of them, the way the game is play doesn't vary from where it is played, in online casinos or in real life. The cards of the player are meant to be dealt facing up, in comparison to the dealer, who has only one card is visible. In a situation when the dealer is showing an Ace, there are pretty high chances of him having a Blackjack. In such cases the dealer will win, making all other players give up their bet, a part from the ones with a blackjack on their hands as well.

Upon checking the dealers hand for the possession of a Blackjack the players may take their turn at hitting\standing\betting.

List of Actions

Standing - if the hand suits the needs of the player, meaning the player would like to continue the game and not place bets.

Hitting - when the player is not pleased with the total that he received, he has a chance to hit, in other words ask for another card.

Doubling - when the played is need of another card, he has a choice of doubling in order to double his bet, and receive another card.

Splitting - if the played is in possession of two cards of the same value he\she has a choice of splitting the two and placing the same bet on each of the hands, with the perspective of hitting each hand separately.

Surrendering - some of the casinos may offer their players to surrender based on the first cards they received.

To find out more, have a look at our rules page.